Sunday, February 18, 2018


We read the story about a dog.  Then we made collage pictures of dogs.

Kids Corner visit - waka

Kids Corner children came to visit.  We coloured in t-shirts with the words "I am ...." on them.  Then we put them on a stick with our photo at the top and put all the children into our waka.  The preschool children took their waka back to their centre.  We decorated the top of the waka with koru designs.

Parts of our school

We went for a walk around the school grounds, then made a picture of the things we like doing in the playground.  Our playground is cool.

Name posters

We are learning what our name looks like.  Here are our posters.  We glued bread tags over the letters in our names to make our poster names.

Collage picture of ourselves

Look at our pictures!!  We are all different and special.

Welcome to the 2018 year

A big welcome to Room 1 for the 2018 year.  We are already well underway in our learning.  The children are settling in to routines and showing that they are keen to participate in al activities .  Thank you to all parents/caregivers for their support of their child's learning.  Homework books are being signed and the children are taking about the reading they are doing with you.  Well done.  It is good to set good routines as soon the children start school.  Working together we will be able to help them grow both academically and socially.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Matariki stars

We have lovely colourful woven stars hanging in our room, next to our cows jumping over the moon, and our astronauts  - we are ready for lift off!