Sunday, May 28, 2017

Matariki stars

We have lovely colourful woven stars hanging in our room, next to our cows jumping over the moon, and our astronauts  - we are ready for lift off!

Sally go round the sun

When the Bright Horizon children visited this month we acted out the jingle Sally Go Round the Sun, made cutouts of children holding hands, and sung the song - many times!

Planting Seeds

We have planted our radish seeds in our pots...... and the excitement when the shoots started appearing was indescribable :)  We are now eagerly awaiting more growth and hopefully being able to eat the vegetables.

Matariki - the mother star

We are thankful for all the things our mothers do for us.

Bird feeders

Tupu-a-rangi looks after the birds and insects and we want to too.  So we made bird feeders to hang in the tree by the flagpole.  We stuck coloured tape on the recycled plastic bottle bottoms, drilled holes, threaded string and filled them with bird seed before they were hung up.


We are learning about the Matariki Stars.  Tupu-a-nuku helps to look after the plants for food, medicine and clothing.  We made soup out of yummy vegetables.  We put them through the food processor to cut them up, added water and cooked the soup in the staffroom.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Anzac Day

We had our school service on Friday to honour those who went to war on our behalf.  We listened to readings, laid the wreath  and lit candles for peace.  Then we went to our senior buddy class and made poppies, medals and anzac biscuits.

Here are the words of the song that we sang:

Light a candle for peace
Light a candle for love
Light a candle that shines all the way around the world
Light a candle for me
Light a candle for you
That our wish for world peace will one day come true