Saturday, May 6, 2017

Anzac Day

We had our school service on Friday to honour those who went to war on our behalf.  We listened to readings, laid the wreath  and lit candles for peace.  Then we went to our senior buddy class and made poppies, medals and anzac biscuits.

Here are the words of the song that we sang:

Light a candle for peace
Light a candle for love
Light a candle that shines all the way around the world
Light a candle for me
Light a candle for you
That our wish for world peace will one day come true

Art from the air

Did you see us on TV?  We went to the college to take part in a special art work.  There was a big crane to take photos from and a ovine picture.  The 'milk' poured from the bottle into the cereal and the words said 'Matamata, heart of the Waikato".  We were part of the picture frame.

Sandwich time

When the Kindergarten children came to visit we made pretend sandwiches with healthy fillings - cheese, tomato, lettuce and cardboard for the bread.  We had to do lots of cutting around the outside of the each filling before we put them together.


While the weather was warm we had our lunchtime triathlon, making use of the bikes and pool.

Healthy Food

As part of our healthy food unit of learning we made kebabs out of fruit.  The trick was that we had to name the fruit in the reo before we were able to put it on our stick!!  Everyone did very well and we all enjoyed some jimmy kai.  The following week we had veges, and if we named them we could dip them into an onion dip mix..... delicious, and a good way to get the veges eaten with no fuss!

Duffy Role Model Assembly

We are sooooo lucky to be a Duffy School.  The Alan Duff Charitable Trust aims to get books into homes, so each term the children get to take home books to keep.  Our role model came to visit and handed lout boxes with 2 books per child to take home for the holidays.  We all love books so the smiles on the faces were magic!

Parent Workshops

Last term 14 parents attended workshops on how to help their children with reading, writing and maths.  This is part of the home-school partnership we share in growing our children together.  Well done those mums who attended.